Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day in the Life of a Librarian (part three)

Today has been an adventure, so this post will be a little less organized. Things I've done today:

Helped a faculty member access a digital version of a USGS publication. He's on sabbatical in Europe and was having some trouble. Now I'm trying to figure out what the heck is going on with our subscription to Tectonics. The dates listed are not matching up with what we actually have access to and I don't know why. Luckily we have people who take care of that (I love our ERMS team! Really! A lot!). [This is for my geology liaison duties]

Also uploaded my powerpoint slides to google docs this morning. I have to teach at 430, so I practiced that a few times, reorganized a slide or two, and am about as prepared as I can be. Which is as much as I can hope for. [Political Science!]

Filled out some paperwork to get reimbursed for my plane ticket and conference registration for ALA. Super exciting, I know.

Then I had a minor panic attack because I got a response from our state librarian that they had chosen Friday afternoon for our meeting to discuss the future of the federal depository program in Michigan. Apparently, I am kind of an idiot when it comes to dates, and interpreted Friday to mean this Friday (as in tomorrow) rather than the first Friday in February, you know, that day I said I was available. I was freaking out because I have 4 classes to teach next week (which I need to plan and update) and personnel reviews next week (so I need to spend a bunch of time making sure I am familiar with not only the portfolios but also the questions everyone is raising). Oh, and my boyfriend's birthday is next week, so I need to make sure I have something good planned (he already got his present, but I'll take him to dinner too or something). Then, I realized I was an idiot, updated my supervisor, and chastised myself for being dumb.

To finish the day out, I taught a library session for an International Political Economy class. It's a fun class and I've taught for it several times. That ran from around 430 - 515, and then it was home to my cat, boy, and a hot spicy bowl of noodle soup.

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