Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day in the Life of a Librarian (part four)

Today I'm working from home! My library is a little unusual in that librarians don't have desk hours (at least at the location I work at). Consequently, on days like today, when my apartment building has no heat (we're getting a new boiler because our heat has been out several times lately), I can stay home, answer emails, do a bunch of lesson planning, etc. while also making sure that my cat and pipes remain unfrozen.

The benefit of being in my job for over a year now is that I have already taught many of the classes I'm teaching for this semester. Consequently, it's mostly just a matter of updating materials and making sure I'm familiar with what I should be teaching. Unfortunately, in the case of CAP115 (introduction to research for the advertising professional), that means completely redesigning the handouts with new questions because resources change. I finished nearly all of that, although I'll need to do some extra updates tomorrow.

I also did some committee work (contacting a librarian about featuring her library in our annual newsletter), a little purchasing, and clearing out my email box. I know that last one sounds like it isn't real work, but when your email box was as full as mine was, it's a necessity.

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